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Name: M&W
Employed as: M of W, for 10-20 years
Posted: 10 July 2018


All of you train crew guys should read that news article in
Jacksonville business journal. High five to your dispatchers who came
forward and told the truth. Man that article is spouting out the real
truth on the trains. Don't forget we know where you guys are traveling
and the high railers know who's out there along with block trucks and
sig. Maintainers. They really think they can keep everything secret if
we all start talking? How about you guys leaving dead trains tied down
and blocking crosssing. Half the town can vouch for that. Lol! Not to
mention all the rail buffs taking pictures too. Don't you have some
kind of paperwork you got to turn in if you leave one of those hazmat
trains parked and you leave?  Just to many ways to prove what is really
happening. So why hasn't someone already proven it?

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