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Name: Work
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 10 May 2018

A lot of managers are employed to just rattle the employees, control the
sheepal anyway they can.To the strong cool collective employee that is
not easily rattled they try and put a false failed audit on you to show
who has the upper hand. Myself I follow the rules watch what I say yes
sir no sir. And go about my business. When I have been put on the spot
by a manager, Iíve told him Iím just following instructions even if
they are wrong instructions. I have told them it is not up to me to
correct a person in charge even if I know they are wrong. I said I
donít want to be written up for not following instruction, with a
straight face of course. You can see the colour change in the managers
face as they get mad. Because they know you are right and some people
barking out the orders are incompetent. But canít expect you to correct
them. I go to work Iím the robot while there go home get my pay and
leave all the decisions to be made by the people that make the big
bucks. Iíve learned not to get rattled and just sit back and watch the
gong show. A person does not have to make it any harder, then
management tries to do. And thatís how I roll.

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