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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 06 December 2018


Enough of this stupid deflecting. Facts are if the farmers decided to
say the hell with all of you and your stupid crap you would end up
paying every red cent extra you had saved to pay for the inflated
prices of imported foods.  Plain and simple. 

Quit blocking peoples crossings unless it is absolutely unavoidable.
Stay back off of them or cut them if your going to sit there over an
hour. It aint rocket science. I've done it a hundred times. Your just
frickin lazy arsses. If the dispatcher tells you not to cut them and
someone approaches and wants to know when your going to move so they
can get in and out of their homes, give them the dispatchers name and
when they told you not to cut it. Make sure you ask let the dispatcher
know first however what's going on before you give out his/her name.
Give them one more chance to get trains rolling.

As for this camera crap, who in the hell ordered this and when? How
about where?  Boy, I would sure love to see this come out in a
bulletin. NO WAY IN HELL! Surely this didn't come from a chief
dispatcher.  Does the union know about this?  It's really starting to
get deep out here. In fact it sounds like this is turning into a 3 ring
circus. Could people get any more stupid with new rules and control

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