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Name: Whining
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 09 May 2018

Listen whining the company makes the rules. They want to fire you for
not having your vest not zipped to the top. And a whole lot more stupid
rules. They want to fire you for not reporting the simplest things. The
railroad is the ones that makes mountains out of mole hills. So you
have to play the game of the safety culture the railroad created.
Managers driving around in a company vehicle making six figures to see
if your zipper on your vest is done up to the top. Or to see if you
have your boot laces are tied. Then they go for dinner on company
credit card. Where is the value and production in that for the share
holders. All we have to do is follow the rules. Sounds like a guy like
yourself will move a train before you have done your due diligence,
thinking your doing company a big favour. But when you screw up your
going to be the first one they fire. Then you whine to everyone you
should of been treated special because you where a runner for the
company. If you delay a train by following company and goverment rules
and they fire you. You are getting your job back because you followed
all the rules. Corner cutters like you are what get people killed.

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