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Name: lville cutback eng forced rco
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 1-10 years
Posted: 11 February 2018

I still dont know why all these crybabies keep crying ab cutback eng
taking calls in lville, listen, nothing is going to make them add more
turns back for engineers, just because people refuse to step up doesnt
mean the company is going to all of a sudden freak and decide to add
turns. If anything we need to take the eng calls, step up and protect
the work that we do have. if we dont, then they will just run the
trains elsewhere. I for one am forced on the yard xb, and i refuse to
work in that yard. I was one of the main ones that refused to take
engineer calls when cut back. But now that im forced in the yard, on a
yard xb that doesnt pay shit, I dont have much of a choice but to take
the calls, i cant afford that garbage guarantee pay that the yard pays.
to hell with that. so you best bet any chance i get to get out of that
yard im gonna take it. i understand how you all feel, i felt the same
way. but when it comes to finances, shit goes out the window.

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