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Posted: 11 August 2017

Good luck with that, Hh said no employee will sit with feet up. Mainly
supervisors at cp they where not allowed to work either. That all went
out the window when hh came. They use to fly It clerks managers from
all over to do our work. The only thing we could do was try and record
the times they worked. Put in grievences there where lots. If we
protested we where told just put in grievence.But  now we are doing
what we want,and all union could do was wait till the grievences where
heard by arbitrators. Priorities for arbitration was dismissals. On the
bright side I give the union credit for winning most grievences..And if
there is an award from management working it was divided by employees
affected,ie laid off employees. Yes record everything and give to your
union make records of all of it.

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