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Name: Disgruntled 
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 09 May 2018

There are 70 million millennials in the USA, these tender little
snowflakes are not scared to write up a manager for getting there
feelings hurt. Or the 90 pound female that wants to be equal to men. I
hope that this is the people that are applying for the railway jobs.
And the women play the girl card, and the snowflakes put in human
rights complaints for management being to assertive with them. I hope
all these people get hired by the railroad, and it ends up that
management have to take courses on how to be more understanding with
new age employees. And by law have to try and accommodate them while
they are on the job. This will soon be the only people that will be in
the pool to hire. And  as the snowflake culture takes over the
railroad,that the management are able to adapt, and the railroad spends
the funds to train management not to be so assertive that there is a
chance of hurting the feelings of the new culture employees. It will
take time for the ceo and management to accept a softer more gentler
way to run a railroad. So old heads try not being so hard on the future
employees of CSX.

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