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Name: To hogger
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 07 July 2018

My last four years at cprail was working with Hh as ceo. Before Hh the
management where pretty desent people that you could work for. Once Hh
came and made management drink the Kool  aid it was like they got a
brain virus they where robots for Hh. You could not trust one word that
came out of managements mouth h. They turned on us all it was
unbelievable. They all sold there soul to the devil Hh. They where so
scared of being fired that management turned on management. Some ended
up in the mental hospital on stress leave. Some resigned before they
got fired. The nonsense goes on and on. But the guys never forgot the
treatment we recieved. Hh is gone but creel the ceo that Hh appointed
is the same deal as Hh and Foote.  They work out of Hh rule book. What
I have learned is the good old days of trust and work ethic is gone. If
your a long service employee just try and get to the finish line. If
your a new guy run like he’ll and get out before the rr destroys your
life. The money is ok but that is all. There are good jobs out there
with less money but you can have a normal life. You only walk threw
life once, the call is yours.

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