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Name: Me
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 13 August 2017

Party's Over,

   Your a real idiot. You make reference to "driving a bus someday, if
your in the SMART union. In case you haven't checked the facts. The
BLE-t has approx. 55,000 members, As you may or may not know, The BLE-t
is a division of the Teamsters which represents 1.3 million truck

   You also mention the BLE-t has negotiated for $51.50 an hour. What
is your source of info for this? Let me guess, you heard it at work in
the crew room. Do you realize how many people will lose their jobs
because of giving up the work rules if this is ratified by the
membership.  CSX isn't gonna give us a higher hr. rate unless it's
gonna save them money.

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