Article 77 of 19392 articles posted under "Courtesy and Professionalism, CSX Style"


Name: YM!
Employed as: Yard Master, for 1-10 years
Posted: 12 October 2020


We all know who was crying on that last post. Lets get something
straight here.  when you roll in form Avon or from Chicago on a
specific train an in goes through with the same job symbol it is
because the train is considered THROUGH FREIGHT to the other end. The
yard you stop in on the way to do a pick up and set off in not
originating.  It is an intermediate location! Therefore it is no
different than stopping in route and picking up in a siding or even a
closed yard. So get over it!  The yard your are arriving at whether it
be from Chicago to your home terminal or from Avon to your away
terminal is classified as an intermediate point and you can do 3 moves
to build the thing.

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