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Name: Retired carman
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 07 December 2017

The last twenty years I worked in the yard inspecting and get trains out
underHh at cp. the coldest day I worked was minus 55 with the wind
chill. They tried to pump up 120 car trains, I told the tm they have to
reduce the cars or you never get calibration. So the dumbies cut the
cars off the head end and plug the train not one but three times. Left
with 70 cars. Tried to hang the carman said we where playing games. Ten
miles down the track power failed. But in a nice warm office it looks
good on paper. Nine hours to get train moving, one crew canceled next
crew took train. I had to go for statements,you might bitch about the
union ,but having union rep they could only stick the helmet in me and
not the whole shaft. We donít live in a perfect world,try enjoy life it
is to short.

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