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Name: Party's Over
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 13 August 2017

The time has come to say goodbye SMART.  Should have done it when the
UTU let their self be overtaken by another Union, and for what, more
bargaining power, maybe if u want to drive a bus some day...Goes to
show you how strong the UTU was, couldn't even talk their way out of
that outcome.  I'm not bashing UNION'S, just UTU and SMART.  They are
absolutely not looking out for our best interest, not at the National
level.  It's ashamed that there are great LC's out there that truly
care about the members, but their hands are tied when it comes to any
support from above.  It should be a punishable crime for some of the
inequalities that exist in our contracts amongst the exact craft,
class, and group of employees.  In the last 10 years the Northern
Region representation has cost their members about $ 200,000.00 EACH ,
compared to the Southern Region.  That should be a crime.  That's
based on an assumption that that each member would receive their shares
of stock, bonus,and 401k match per year over 10 years.  That's O.K.
though boy's, "They aint taking our bump".  And they can't even
stand up for our 48 hour rule in our GD contract.  Wake up IDIOT'S,
the same BS is about to happen again if we don't act.  The BLET has
already reached an agreement for 51.50 an hour, the Southern Region is
in talks, and the Northern Region say's, " Hey Guys, we ain't going
for this bullshit, they gone listen to us". And we gone get Fuc**d yet

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