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Name: Loco
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 16 April 2018

THANKYOU! I'm guessing you are a real ex rep. You addressed both
unions. You pointed out some serious issues and handed out more info
than any of our active reps have done. I looked at the crew and
division messages you talked about and you were right. The engineers
bid card for the INIW IP POOL HAS A DIFFERENT DISCRIPTION for working
limits advertised than the crew/division messages. As far as I'm
concerned the bid cards should trump the messages. We depend on the bid
cards to be right. That's how we make decisions on our bids each week.
The conflict in info is just more crap that is a regular issue with
this circus every day. You got inside people to keep you informed
please keep us in the loop. What the hell is happening with this crap.
Why isn't this issue being addressed with the members. Is the bid
cards what we should trusting to be true or are we supposed to expect
to be blind sided with more changes that are listed in the messages.
This is a frickin joke! Isn't there anyone in the union with a set of
balls that will step in an get some order around here?  This is just an
embarrassing horse and pony show any more.

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