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Name: Guardian dog
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 17 July 2017

“We had a rule that said you could take a nap while you worked,” Mr.
Harrison ( Eugene) said in a recent interview. “We don’t have that
 Looks like the old horse thief Harrison is up to his arrogant
propaganda and  worker bashing again. Big man on campus with his Wall
Street journal lackey,  I mean reporter, Paul ziobro controlling the
narrative how lazy and entitled we are. NO NAPPING. You overpaid lazy
under worked lay abouts is what all the Headline readers Thoughts are.
Little mention of schedules. Forced work days. Nor a few other reasons
this was helpful. When they brought necessity up  it's well down in
the article.
 Eugenes other slightly less than stellar actions include stealing a
guys lunch money and giving it to fat pink palmed paulie, paramount to
horse thievery. Paulie is the enemy. Every time that sorry classless
bastard walks out of a Walmart someone should belittle him. Harass him
verbally. Hope he touches you. Then bash his gold fillings down his
throat. For the rest of paulies life he should be looking over his
shoulder. No paulie the teamsters do not like you. Nor are they afraid
of you. You will reap what you've sown  paulie. Have no doubt.
Need to post this article on social media. Explain the facts.  Don't
let Eugene regain the initiative in the propaganda war. Post it. Spread
it. Get the truth out there. Kinda ironic the old horse thief steals
workers money. 12+ hours days without breaks or lunches then lies and
claims we have an entitled culture. While giving paulie our stolen
lunch money. Unbelievable. Rotten Eugene to the core. Works from home
while denying us sick time. Capitalism run amok. This cannot stand.
Strike? Refuse return orders? Stand like men or die like worms. Horse
thief's use to get hung. That would be to good for these two. Guy
works his ass off to provide for his family and these two steal his
money. Refusing to pay earned overtime. Miles ran. Contractural claims.
Then lie to the press. Where's Justice. When's Justice. How's

Ps. Conrail merger brought chaos. Service interruptions. Government
stepped in. Perhaps that's what is needed.....

Pps. Eugene says this is his best gig ever. Obviously because he has
more workers to abuse, demean, humiliate, and  steal from. Lucky us.
God you brought us Goliath, now where's david

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