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Posted: 19 April 2017

Posting from Korea.   There is no bulletin.  We have received only an

Here it is.

Obviously, everyone has seen the news and heard that we have a new
administration in place leading our company.  With that comes changes
that will be implemented by our new CEO.  
That being said, we know there will be new operating practices put
place, and our jobs, from the top down, will be to adapt to the new
regime and comply with those new practices put into place.  Some new
practices have been communicated to us already, and you can be sure
there will be many more to come.  It has been made abundantly clear
that there is no room for debate with the new practices, and if there
is any deviation from the plan that has been laid out, it will be
with immediately to ensure compliance.  I think it is imperative that
not let ourselves be used to make an example for others who choose not
to comply. 
One of the changes that has been communicated is that we will have
employees work full shifts, and is effective immediately.  There will
be no “early quits” allowed.  What this means for us in the Operations
Center is this:  Dispatchers will not work less than 8 hours. If this
means that we have everyone on a particular shift scan in at 15
prior to their shift (0645, 1445, 2245) in order to comply, that is
we will do.  Additionally, those employees will not scan out prior to
hours from the time they scanned into the machine.  Employees who are
posting will also be required to work an entire 8 hour shift.  We are
still responsible for complying with FRA Hours of Service regulations,
so make sure that your scan times enable you to remain in compliance. 
This is not an office-specific policy.  This is company-wide and we
have been instructed that there are no options regarding compliance. 
We will comply.  The decision has been made from the top to implement
this policy, and instructions have been passed down throughout the
company to put it in place. 
In summary, dispatchers will not work less than 8 hours when scheduled
to work.  This includes working a desk or posting a position.  Please
do not be that person that challenges this by not being scanned into
the STARS system for less than 8 hours.  There will be no flexibility,
no excuses, no latitude with this policy.  If there are any questions,
please feel free to contact me, any DTO, or STO **********

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