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Name: Minimum 
Employed as: Car repair, for 30+ years
Posted: 12 January 2020

When we had hh at cp you only did what was in the contract. You never
worked anytime  overtime. It came to the point you worked over time or
you where fired. But we won that after six months. They would push to
the point people so stressed out from the threats of being fired, guys
just said go ahead fire me. Now hh gone the big , hh had a big shit and
created creel the creap ceo. The 17000 employees we had when hh came now
down to ten thousand. Lots of people quiting all the time.  RR jobs just
sweat shop jobs now.  Old rr culture long gone. If you can stand it get
your check go home. Report nothing do nothing extra for them. Lack of
maintance trains will hit the ditch and create new jobs to clean up

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