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Name: Doesnít matter
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 13 March 2018

we are all screwed!!!!
This regime has no intention of long term everyone know this. If this
hourly stuff thatís on the table gets voted in its over! Iíve been here
long enough I wonít be without a job with that being said I see no good
of this ďhourly wage agreementĒ what I hope employees understand that
the pay is the least of it. There will be so many other details in this
that will eliminate jobs and everything we signed up for. You will not
make any more money and if you do itís because you will be working
yourself into the grave. I know people that left here for CN with that
being said I donít know a single one that had to do it over again would
of stayed at CSX. Yea they make more money but no time off. Just take
the time and give it some thought CSX is not looking out for the men
whether you have 1 or 30 years seniority when it is proposed all I ask
is you look past the hourly rate and look at what your giving up for
it. If you donít vote you might as well vote for it. By all means do
what you think is best for you but all I ask is you take the time to
look at the big picture. And at least place a vote!

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