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Name: Ceo
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 13 May 2018

One thing a ceo knows if they donít produce they get fired in most case.
But at there rate of pay it does not affect them just there ego and
repritation. And they can leave a company upside down. Which in most
cases takes years to be what it once was. They can do a lot of damage
to a company in a short time. And the board of director for CSX seem
clueless. The proof is hiring a half dead ceo like Hh and giving him
the pay package they did. Company policy no insider trading, but I
think it is rampant giving partners in crime inside information so they
know where to put there chips. A lot of the craziness will go when Foote
leaves. And the new ceo is going to need cooperation of employees to
repair CSX from the hedge fund gangs raid.

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