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Name: Osborn Yard
Employed as: Yard Master, for 20-30 years
Posted: 20 April 2017

Before long every transportation employee will be qualified to be an
engineer, conductor, brakeman, and switchman and you will be qualified
on every line of road and every yard job. There will be one combined
extra board and you will be called for whatever job they need to go
wherever they need. Managers will also be qualified to do it all as
well so when there is short staff they can be pulled to fill a vacancy.
Just the other day a fully marked up yardmaster worked the Hump Tower
then got sent to the bowl to be a utility man! This wasn't a
substitute yardmaster! 

They will also annul a job on the spot to put the crew on a more
pressing job. So basically you might show up to work your assigned Y220
and they just cancel it to send you out on a Q134 and you better show up
with your grip or you will be considered unprepared for work, saying I
thought I would be the Y220 today won't cut it.  

Life at the railroad is about to be miserable for all of us. Ford,
Toyota, and Jim Beam are about to see hundreds of applications from
former railroaders.

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