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Name: na
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 07 March 2017


If what you are saying is true then it will finally show exactly what
our union representation is made of.  If they cant protect us from a
whip and beat work environment and protect our jobs then its time to
sue the shit out of them and demand a  refund of our dues that we pay
during the entire period Harrison stepped in and tore our agreements
apart. If he does take over and come in like a hurricane then we all
need to get some money together and seek legal counsel as how we can
protect ourselves and create our own union representation.  I know for
a fact that we have that right. Read up on your federal rights as a
union member. Read your LMRDA laws.  If we have to hire labor lawyers
then that's what we have to do. Sounds like the CP boys just didn't
play hard ball enough.

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