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Name: watchdog
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 20-30 years
Posted: 16 July 2017

CSX rock crawler/pines

GO AWAY! Don't go away mad just go away.  Go tell your little csx
public safety director that you are not wanted. Go find another
"FAKE" post to put on here.  

Sidings are plugged for 90 miles on the greatlakes division. Cant get
the freight across the road and customers are not getting their goods.
On the brink of gridlock. What's happening out there?  Is it because
so many yards have been cut down or so many people have lost their jobs
and said screw it and just quit instead of moving 100's of miles away.
Is it because they have cut so many local jobs that no one can get
anything done. Extra boards are exhausted and trains are sitting out
again.  Now crews are dealing with the new PTC on the greatlakes
division and it isn't working with the TO program. Train after train
is going into suppression because the programs just aren't compatible.
Many complain the TO is too fast. Runs to hot for the PTC. Now is not
the time for train delays. Its always something with this outfit and
now the new CEO and his precision railroading plan has everything in
turmoil. Avon yard was plugged and couldn't take anymore freight. 

How the stock is going up is beyond all of us. Do the investors crunch
numbers, count their un hatched chickens or just live on pure fake
speculations!  That is a question as old as "what came first, the
chicken or the egg!"

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