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Name: To xclc
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 14 May 2018

You sound frustrated about the union. Well with all what you have said,
I was fired and held out for 3.5 years. The union put a case together
for me to present to the arbitrator, the company had all there big guns
to fight me and the union. I won my case and was returned to work with
full seniority. It took time and money to put my case together, I donít
think a law firm would of done as good a job as the union. The union
saved my life by getting me back to work. And I retired last year. The
unions first priority is to get people back to work that where fired.
Other issues are secondary. There are so many grievances in the system
that they have to be fought in order of importance and what affects
members as a whole. All as I can say is Iím forever grateful to the
union reps. That got my job back and my union dues was worth every
penny. When your knee deep in shit feels good when some one cares
enough to pull you out and wash you off. You could be next employee
fighting for your job back.

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