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Name: Bogus paper
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 11 June 2018

As a train inspector for 36 years,every train we inspected the law
required  the company to keep on file every train that was inspected
for 90 days. Then we would throw the inspection sheets out after 90
days. When we where doing this we found our names on train sheets that
said we inspected trains on shifts we never worked.  The manager that
was short staffed was putting inspectors names on train sheets when he
was short staffed.  So to find out who was doing this we had to
recognize the managers writing. Once we found out the managers doing
these bogus inspection sheets, we went to the union reported them and
it went from there. But to my knowledge no manager was fired, and
luckily no traffic n accident and no employees got hurt. All as
management cares about is paper work and that they shine.  Safety and
work ethic with some companies is a thing of the past. All

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