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Name: Confused management
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 13 March 2018

You all know the old saying, the left hand does not know what the right
hand is doing. Management work under the rule,do as I say not what I
do. Itís a good thing they are making the calls, management can take
the heat to for going against there own policies. Iím just doing my
time then going home. Till next gong show as long as the money is in
the bank I will switch any track rain or shine, day or night. The more
layoffs the more management is going to have to figure out who is going
to do all the work. And which customers are more important. Once my time
is up Iím going home and you Einsteinís can figure it out. Just donít
pull your hair out doing it.

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