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Name: EXLC
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 06 December 2017


A previous poster had it right when they stated its the unions that
have all of us in a trick bag. Its the language in the agreements that
cause all the trouble and if you want something done you better start
getting together now and start demanding that the article be cleaned up
and the gray areas tossed out.
Someone keeps complaining about doing the local work of industries on
through freight trains.  Look at the engineers agreement. Pay attention
to the language.  
Look at article 57. After you have read it thoroughly look at article
50. They are using the language "road service" to blanket line of
road/through freight service. Look how they agreed in article 50 to
allow them to work you two or more classes of service in a day or
This is where the unions have screwed you and opened the door to make
you do two different jobs. If you are called out to work and you are
forced to work an industry that is not setting off cars in line of
road. That is working an industry. If you think it is going to delay
your trip to the AFHT or the HT then you should demand that your KS
should be road switcher rate with overtime after 8. Ask around. Find
out what kind of pay rate a road switcher would make for the miles you
are trip rated for. Good chance you will make more money with the
overtime after 8 hrs.  Article 50 makes it clear you will be paid the
highest rate applicable of any class of service. You also have another
penalty claim because if you are working as a road switcher and your
trip is over 100 miles that is a violation. The road switcher article
makes it clear that road switcher runs will not be over 100 miles. They
shouldn't be making road freight trains do the damn work in the first
place. They are violating the articles all over the place!

You want things to change then do something about it. Read the
language. Go after the unions for all the garbage inserted so the
company can use it for loop holes.  You better start pushing to get the
language cleaned up or start figuring out how to get the better pay rate
you are entitled to.

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