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Posted: 16 July 2017

Someone touched on a very interesting aspect earlier today.  When that
functioning lunatic EHH was at CPRS, he went through not one, not two,
not three but FOUR Chief Financial officers during his 4 1/2 reign of
terror.  That simply doesn't happen at most companies and that there
were rumors abound that he was being investigated by the SEC for
possible stock fraud during his stay at CPRS should be telling at the
very least.  With the apparent meltdown mode in seemingly full swing at
CSXT that ultimately leads to frustration among customers (big AND
important customers at that) and lost business, it wouldn't shock me
if there's some book-cooking that is or will be going on.  

Honestly, if EHH wasn't running a railroad of some sort where he
couldn't exercise his power and bullying/intimidating, he'd likely be
in a mental hospital instead.

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