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    CSX likes to picture itself as a company where all of it's employees, customers, and contractors are treated with the highest levels of courtesy, professionalism, and respect. The employees, customers, and contractors know differently....

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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for N/A
Posted: 15 April 2018

yea. its real easy to make it to a union meeting. i think i will lay off
and get points. i dont have the option of laying off union business. the
only thing i can plan is not being able to make a plan.

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Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 15 April 2018

Payin the RRBoard people

Just looked at my pay stub. Ive made 44,000 this year so far and have
brought home 22,000.  Less than half what I have made.  Screw this. Ive
been worked into the ground and Im tired as hell.  Think I will file for
FMLA!  Oh, and Im one of the suckers who got their Personal day taken
away from me when they decided they were going to punish us for not
working enough and freeze them until April 7th. Screwed me out of my
little boys birthday party.  Yeah, us railroaders are soooo rich!  Hey
union reps.... what kind of punishment are you going to impose on the
company for screwing with the caps and violating our union agreement.  
Score....Hunter from the grave 1....Unions 0 !

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Name: Meetings
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 14 April 2018

There where lots of times I would show up at a union meeting and they
had to cancel it, because there was not enough people. Other than the
reps and two members. You would get a turn out if there was a big issue
looming. That is the way it is now days no one could be bothered. When I
started in 1980 most meetings where standing room only and management
did not want any trouble with the union, I remember about ten years
ago. A manager said when you guys had a union my job was a lot harder,
and now he tells members to get to work, work threw breaks and has no
concern about the union rules. So the lack of interest in your union
gives management free reign with you. Now everyone is spineless, to
busy for meetings or involvement. Rules being broken peoples jobs cut.
And a hand full of reps are suppose to make everything beautiful all
the time. And when the minimum amount of members vote on an issue. The
ones that did not vote seem the most pissed off and blame the union.
You pay union dues to protect your jobs and your future employment. But
if you sit back and watch it all taken away without putting up a fight
and blame everyone else for the outcome. If someone is going to take
away something from me Iím going to make it as hard as I can for them
to do it. And then once the company has made its mind up to sell
everything there is not much anyone can do anyways.

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Name: Conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 14 April 2018

Another frickin xlc  
Got to wonder how many of you xlc's are really xlc's.  If you are
then you would know they did away with the safety commitee. At least
they did at my terminal. And why I'm the hell would anyone out their
faith in a union that won't even take the time to let us know what the
hell is going on. The FRA is the best bet in this situation. When the
time comes and I'm thrown in the mess I'll be giving them a call.

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Name: Xlc
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 14 April 2018

Xlc there you go again is someone else going to look into it. You have a
health and safety committe call them, you have a phone call fra. There
are lots of branches in your union keep calling. Why would you take the
word of tm or any management. Ask them to show you the bullit on
training. You have the right by law to refuse unsafe work. If someone
told you ya we started jumping off bridges  would you follow. Or ask
questions for your own safety.

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Employed as: APE, for N/A
Posted: 14 April 2018

I worked for this chicken shit company for almost 20 years and one day
my entire craft was laid off and all I got was phone call by a manager
who is one of the laziest who went out of his way to put his work on
others but with my craft laid off they have other crafts doing are work
and some don't have fifth my years of service in and how is that fair
and I'm not alone and the union don't seem to be able or willing to
do anything this was a cleat contract violation but that means nothing
to this company and its managers that went to hunter camp but worst of
all they take on them selves to screw people over to think its going to
make them look important they will get there's in the end.

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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 14 April 2018


This effected the conductors as well. Im not qualified on both runs and
I was told that a TM said the conductor can be qualified by the
engineer. I know engineers are not allowed to use conductors as pilots.
Just how in the hell is an engineer going to teach me everything on the
job while he's up in the cab and Im on the ground. What are we
supposed to do? Do job briefings and try to discuss every single step
over the radio? This is a frickin safety issue. I also heard that the
company was bulking on a having classes and getting us the rules books
on the foreign line territory we are going to be working on.  This
whole thing was done without any safety consideration for the crews at
all. Has anyone asked the FRA how this is supposed to be handled? How
about the engineers. Have they talked at all on how they plan on
qualifying conductors from the cab?
This is just another stupid move that this company does all the time.
Should have had classes and got foreign line books out to everyone
ahead of time and at least prepared them. Someone needs to give the
foreign line a heads up on whats happening so they can get ready to
help us out with their guys!

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Name: Louisville slave
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 1-10 years
Posted: 14 April 2018

Playing yardmaster, 1 day would not shut up ab the onboard and harassed
ab ot. Then with only 15 min til relief showed up, sent crew back out
to do more work, which couldn't have been done cuz another job was
working in same area and was blocked for 30 min, could have waited 15
min for next shift to come on. Trying to play yardmaster isn't
something he can handle apparently.

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Name: XLC
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 14 April 2018


I just got an email that stated that CSX/CMC did not violate any rules
in regards to notifying the engineers at Avon that there were going to
be changes to the west end pools

Per Article 74  of the SSA the CMC has to issue a message stating any
changes in on/off duty points, working limits, rate of pay, etc, Has to
be advertised early enough so that engineers can adjust their bid cards
accordingly.  Since they posted it in the crew management messages that
we can all view at work they claim they have followed the agreement with
no violations.

How many people actually read the crew management messages on a regular
basis.  OK people, its time to get it together. If this is how we are
going to be given a heads up on all the future changes that we are
headed for with the new CEO then we all have to stay on this! 

Another disturbing bit of info I was given was the unions are claiming
they had no idea that this was going down and was a done deal with the
company.   BULL CRAP!  If it was in the messages with the company then
there is no way in hell they wouldn't know. They started adding
messages 4 weeks ago sending hints this was going to happen. Look at
the Job descriptions in the JAD. Look at the crew management messages.
They conflict with each other. One says no days off and the other says
6-2. Other things conflict as well as the rate of pay for the salem
run. No way in hell the Unions don't know this is going on.  If they
say they don't they are blowing smoke up everyone's butts and
treating their own LC'S like they are retarded idiots! That's right!
Retarded. I said it!
The company is supposed to give the Unions a 30 day notice of any
changes they are going to implement in order for both parties to meet
and discuss the issues. If any union official says they didn't know
then they are just lying through their teeth. I don't believe for one
minute that CSX blindsided them and failed to let them know. They might
have done it in a way that left them fumbling in the dark trying to find
it but there is no doubt they did. Posting it on the CMC messages is not
the proper way to notify the unions. If they pulled a stunt like this
then its just plain dirty pool and that is grounds to file charges
against CSX for not negotiating in good faith.  We need some answers.
We need to know why our unions are playing dumb and keeping the LCs out
of the loop. This is bull crap.

In the meantime everyone needs to read the CMC messages everyday and
the minute they see a change they need to notify their GC and their
LC's immediately. No more playing games! The game is on! Stand
together brothers!

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Name: Not fooled
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 14 April 2018

Not fooled your a 100 percent right, you reap what you sow. If everyone
put a grievance in on the same rules broken. And maybe it is the same
manager violating the rule. The union has to address it and so does the
company. It might take a while but the paper trail is there. One thing I
found with Hh and his team, they put every little infraction on your
personal file and where even caught making shit up putting on an
employees file. So when you where on the mat you looked like a terrible
employee. Our union randomly checked employees files and found lots of
false information being entered on peopleís files. In one shop they
found 160 entries that where made up and put on employees files. If the
members started putting in grievances as group or individual grievance,
there is a record of it and it will be addressed in time. And it also
shows that the company is not honouring the collective agreement. The
union reps cannot. Take gossip or rumours to an arbitrator. The reps
needs facts on paper to present at these hearings. So help yourself and
other members by filing a grievance. And when the company gets tired of
dealing with grievances maybe they will change there behaviour. But
again to do nothing you will just get more of the same treatment. Itís
your union brothers and sisters. Our guys in Canada never let up on Hh,
at the end of the day he had to deal with the grievances and make the
members whole. It took a while but the union did there job and the
system worked. And Hh was pissed.

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Name: loco
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 14 April 2018


It sad to say but you are right. I remember when my dad was a member of
a union. Grew up in a house hold of die hard union members. His union
always kept them in the loop and the union reps always had information
posted on their union boards. His legislative reps and international
reps always kept up with him and the workers and made regular visits to
the shop. The unions we have now are so corrupt its not even laughable
anymore. they know the more we know the more power we have as a group.
The more info we have and the better educated we are the better chance
we have of calling them out when something underhanded is going on. In
my dads shop if they caught a union rep horse trading grievances under
the table or dealing with management in a way that would put a member
under the bus they kicked his ass and got him out of office. No room
for that bull crap. No one cares anymore which makes no sense. You work
your ass off out here and give up your family life to pay your money to
a union that acts like they don't have to tell you a damn thing or ask
your opinions. They come up with side letters and make work rule changes
without even getting the members involved. Your right. They do a lot of
shit which is against our rights as union members. The local chairman
don't tell you shit and act like they are in managements pockets. 
The biggest problem of all is that no one puts claims in because they
get denied or it take months to get one settled. What the idiots don't
understand is the claims ARE NOT THEIR TO SUPPLEMENT THEIR INCOME! I get
so sick of hearing them all saying whats the point if you cant get paid.
The claims are their to fine/punish the company for violating our
agreements. They are not their as extra income. Put the damn claims in.
Even if they are denied forward them and keep the paper trail going. You
cant get any abuse stopped if you don't put in the claims and start a
paper trail. If people would stop thinking that the claims are just
another boost to their paychecks and they are really a way to draw
attention to their violations maybe they would put them in. But then
people are so lazy out here and dont care anymore. I put my claims in.
I don't expect to get a dime out of them. I do expect to get answers
from my Union Rep on their progress and expect my money they take to be
spent on keeping me in the loop. My rep thinks Im a pain in the ass but
he took the job and I expect him to do his job. Cant handle the heat
get the hell out of the kitchen!

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Name: Louisville slave
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 14 April 2018

Louisville trainmaster/yardmaster john anderson is a dumbass worthless
excuse for a manager. Treats his guys like shit and doesnt need to be
working here

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Name: Union canada
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 13 April 2018

I retired just before Hh left, and Hh gave our unions a run for there
money. I was pulled out of service twice under Hh. Union got me back
with back pay. A majority of people fired under Hh where returned to
work with full benefits. Over all I give the unions in Canada an 8 out
of 10. The reps that did not do there jobs where voted out. Attending
union meetings is where I found out the critical information on what
was going on. And our national reps attended local halls and brought us
up to speed on what was going on and we questioned them on everything.
Yes you get the lazy reps. That think they are part of management, but
they donít last long when they are voted back to the field. It sends a
message to the rest of them. I think on some railways there is a lack
of involvement by the members. They only get worked up where changes
where made that they donít like but never bothered voting on. And are
to lazy to read the collective agreement and to lazy to put a grievance
in when the rules are violated. So when you sit back and do nothing ,
you get the same results nothing.

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Name: iStop4Donuts
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 13 April 2018

Just received email.  Hourly rate will be set at 23.25/hr.  Have a Nice

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Name: not fooled
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 13 April 2018


The writing is on the wall. With the push of a newer super pool at avon
yard without any given notice from any union official including the
LC's as well, we are all going to get screwed and lose all of our
seniority rights and choice of working conditions. Come on people!!!
Wake the hell up. How did anyone find out what was going down. They
read it in the crew management messages on the computers at work. Its
total bullshit that you have to find out anything that they may be up
to by reading the damn company computers. Where the hell is our union
representation. People got screwed over on their bid cards because
there were no real official warnings from anyone that it was a done
deal and was going down. The men who were screwed because they didn't
have their bid cards changed need to file Ethics charges against crew
management and demand a statement from their unions. If the bid cards
still contained the wrong information and no official notification was
sent out that is grounds to file suit. This is just another example of
the total lack of respect for the employees and the inept actions of
the officials at CSX. Why does this crap continue year after year after
year. It has nothing to do with Foote or his  cronies. This has been
going on with this company for the last 20 years. They were a joke the
day they took over conrail. As for the unions we have no one to blame
but ourselves. We have ever right to sue them by federal law. Read the
LMRDA rights for union members in the United states. We close our eyes
and turn away and now we have unions who disrespect us to the point
that we cant even get an answer from them or any notices of changes
that are occurring in the work place. Its just a sad joke anymore. When
the hell is it going to stop! If we all put a hold on our union dues,
you can bet your bottom dollar we would get their attention. That's
the only thing that will work. Hit them in the pocket book. Right now
as far as Im concerned they are stealing us blind and not representing
us to the fullest extent possible. Leaving us in the dark all the time
and relying on the company rumor mill to learn anything is totally
unacceptable! Something has to give and soon!

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Name: Last post
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 13 April 2018

Yes I think this last post is the way CSX is going to unfold. Makes a
lot of sense to divide, CSX up for sale to highest bidders. I think
that is why CSX could care  a less about losing so many customers. The
new owners can worry about them. Foote will suck every dollar out of
CSX. Then head back to Canada, just like Hh did in Canada to cn and cp.
It is a bloody shame they can come in and do this to a company, not
giving a shit about employees and there families.

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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 12 April 2018

Foote will not make it that long. Once everything is sold and cuts are
made. Blood will be in the water and the sharks will come. CSX will
eventually be sold off and gobbled up by the other big boys. Piece by
piece we will become other railroads. Certain corridors will be more
beneficial to some and not others. The ones of us who choose to remain
will be working for some other company. CSX will only be available in
history lessons and books. This model is simply not sustainable over
time. .Just look to CN and CP for proof of this.I personally think that
UP will become the first coast to coast railroad in America along the
Southern portion of the US and then the BNSF and NS will strike a deal
for the Northern portion. Shrinking our size will also shrink our
impact and importance . All about the money. Not hard to show better
efficiency with much lower volume. It ain't rocket science, but to
hear everyone praise them it is like they have discovered something
new. Just a great big Yard Sale. And you can bet everything has a price
tag on it. I leave you with my best piece of advice. PRAY ABOUT

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Name: Cuts
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 12 April 2018

Here is what I think Foote will do he in the next few years cut as many
employees as he can. Then when CSX has skeleton crews,and they all fear
losing there jobs, and there being no resistance, thatís when he will
try and make all the changes. Each contract he will take and take. But
he has to get the remaining employees feeling really vulnerable.

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Name: Wages
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 12 April 2018

If you want to find out what CSX is planning to offer you. Go on google
the contract of cn and cp employees that work on the USA side of the
company. Or better yet if you can talk to one of the cn cp guys, they
would be able to give you people some advice. Those people been threw
it all working for Hh for four years.

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Name: No doubt 
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 12 April 2018

Before signing anything, you better consider how much your livelihood,
your family, spending time with family are worth. Personally I wouldnít
sell my soul for no less than 50 bucks an hour. Once the Railroad has
you then your life is done. 30 years experience talking here. Just what
is your freedom worth?

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