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    CSX likes to picture itself as a company where all of it's employees, customers, and contractors are treated with the highest levels of courtesy, professionalism, and respect. The employees, customers, and contractors know differently....

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Employed as: APE, for N/A
Posted: 07 July 2018

The one thing that csx has the most of is sell outs and back stabbers
the sell outs are contract people who go into management and are the
biggest violators of the contract, work rules and craft lines and the
back stabbers who are all to willing to cross those craft lines and
screw over the other crafts with out even once of resistance and they
all know who they are and ever day they continue they only screw over
there fellow union brothers and what a joke that term is there is no
union brothers hood it is every man for him self no matter who it hurts
and with people laid off these are the ass holes that work all the over
time while others are laid off they will never call any one back while
they have dumb asses doing this so thanks a lot ass holes keep giving
into the company but when becomes your turn I hope someone does you the
same way pricks.

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Name: Competance
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 07 July 2018

With Hh now Foote the name of the game is to fire people that know what
they where doing to show employees headoffice has big teeth. Now you
replace these people with yes men that donít have a clue. And you do
this in every department and you end up with what you have now. The.
The people that donít have a clue and resign and they replace these
people that know absolutely nothing. Put in the time get the checks if
you sit in yard or siding think of it this way. Easy money let the
management figure it out, only move when told!

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Name: Train romance
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 07 July 2018

The general public have a romance with trains, they know nothing about
the RR life. The only time in north America any thing is news worthy is
when something blows up on a train. Or a train takes half a town out.
Then  you get the rr suits, and goverment suits do a song and dance
show in front of the cameras. The public could care a less about issues
of rr

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Name: UTU sell-out
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 06 July 2018

Management isn't the only one not looking out for our best interest.
The State Legislative Director who makes over $130K off the members
dues was inquiring about Labor Relations jobs/salaries for himself a
few years ago when he had concerns about being re-elected. Guess all
the B.S. he preaches in the local union meetings against CSX is a
forked tongue bunch of crap.

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Name: AI
Employed as: APE, for 30+ years
Posted: 06 July 2018

The next big threat to railroad workers and people in related industry
is artificial intelligence. Some company somewhere in the world will
figure out how to drive trains with little human intervention.. and the
only thing that will slow it down is public outcry for safety of the
public. So I believe when this shit starts that the union and people
affected better educate the public of the dangers of not having bodies
on the train during movement. Where they have long miles of track, they
are all ready using this technology in Australia and other countries.
Will not be long before they try it here. The trucking and railway
union better start a campaign to educate the public on the dangers of
this technology..

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Employed as: APE, for N/A
Posted: 05 July 2018

CSX might as well bring in non contract to run trains they been testing
the waters on many fronts they get the so called union brothers to
cross craft lines with little or no resistance and the so called union
brothers are more than willing to do this as long as there not the ones
getting laid off and remember some of the biggest management that's
violates contracts are the ones that come from the crafts all it takes
is they need is drink the company cool-laid so if they bring in non
union to run trains or do any jobs they know they can get away with it
and your union will put on a little show and not do nothing in the long
run the best thing anyone can do is move on the first chance you get
there are better places to work than csx and you will save your self a
lot of stress

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Name: Short cuts
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 05 July 2018

First thing investigators look at if there is accident or serious injury
is documentation, to make sure it is correct and in order. Then if there
is injury or worse, they investigate what happened up to the injury,
short cuts etc. And if due diligence was not done, then you can bet
your going to be fired. It is a bad practice to get into taking short
cuts. Especially for a newer employee.  Your mind is not on the job if
your already planning trip home before you have yet to turn a wheel to
get out of the yard. Murphies law if it can happen it will sooner or
later. Short cut takers smarten up, before your life or someone elseís
is cut short. The danger on the railroad is real and not a joke.

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Name: Stress kills
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 04 July 2018

After 34 years I retired my first month of retirement I slept like a
baby for a month. My mind and body felt so good after releasing all the
stress I was under. I had no idea I was under so much stress until after
a month of not having to go back to that hell hole rr. Lots of you are
under big time stress working in the conditions CSX has caused. A
person has to find a way of dealing with stress without drugs or booze.
It is a serious medical condition if not addressed. I would not hesitate
looking back now at taking medical leave to deal with stress. CSX has
set up an atmosphere of fear and intimidation where a guy thinks every
day he is going to be fired. And when that is on your mind  all the
time sometimes safety takes a back seat. We all know how one
distraction on the rr could cost you your life.  The rr is serious
business where you have to be focused on safety all the time. Not
worrying about some manager trying to find some reason to fire you.try
and do what is best for you at dealing with stress and not be another
victim of it. Good luck all.

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Name: A.P.E.
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 04 July 2018

I was intimidated ( well he tried ) by a trainmaster, and wasn't the
only one he pulled that crap on. We turned him in for all we could, it
took three months and now he is off administrative leave.I hope that
dumbass learned a lesson, I doubt it, but he is being moved! 
  there is a terminal in west virginia where if the have trouble with a
trainmaster they start reporting injuries, no matter how minor, after 5
fra injuries on their juristiction a trainmaster gets fired! I've
suggested that here but too many people are afraid of those punks.
personaly i've seen too many conductors make mistakes while switching,
yarding or building trains because a trainmaster is pressuring everybody
to hurry up. fortunatly those errors haven't resulted in too big of a
safety hazard. No matter how much i tell those younger employees to
slow down before something bad happens they won't, and it worries me
somebody is going to get hurt. If you look at the trainmaster turn over
rate you'll see that many have desided to use their conscience or are
tired of not seeing their own family, as for the ones who stay,i
question their wisdom.
 As for attendance in my terminal we've had an engineer and two
conductors have a heart attack on a train (one came back to work, one
is on disability, and one didn't make it), because they were afraid to
mark off sick, too many others come to work sick or exhausted because
their afraid.
 If any one from 500 water steet in jacksonville reads this i hope they
do because if they don't lighten up somebody out here will get hurt, a
conductor or engineer will screw up and headlines, or God forbid, some
of our unstable empoyees might be off their meds and somebody could get
hurt or killed. I don't think those idiots know how bad we are being
stressed out and over used. when will enough be enough? You can only
squeeze so much money from this company! 
 As for the derka servey i't will likely be like the last survey and
will be spun and doctored to look better than it realy is out here. We
all know it's ( use own favorite words ) but there isn't a whole lot
that can be done.

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Name: Training non union
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 04 July 2018

There is nothing stopping CSX to train non union staff to run trains.
Iím sure they could find a loop hole, to use non union in a so called
emergency situation. They could test the waters using non union to run
a train then sit back and see what fallout there is from doing just
that. Then challenge the opposition in courts etc.

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Name: HR
Employed as: Corporate office, for 10-20 years
Posted: 03 July 2018


You can find the job description requirements for trainmasters on the
employee gateway under careers and training.

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Name: Safety
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 03 July 2018

https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.2935065 Hope Foote does not do to you guys?

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Name: Hiring
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 03 July 2018

In Canada it is called street to seat. Train all non union employees to
run trains and they fast track them by using simulator. And transport
Canada said was legal. No field training. And they left it on the table
during contract talks. Google it you will see, I hope they donít do it
to you guys at CSX

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Name: Xlc
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 03 July 2018

I haven't had a,chance to read these hiring advertisements but if they
actually have it advertised that management employees will be required
to cross union contract lines and do our work then there should be a
law suit filed for misrepresentation of the job and false advertising.
I'm going to find these job advertisements and if they are worded that
way I'm going to blow up the BLET AND UTU INTERNATIONAL fax machines
with it. They should already know this and be planning a course of
federal action. This is a severe form of Union busting at its best!

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Name: Hiring
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 03 July 2018

Hump yards getting reopened, starting to hire people back. They cut so
deep at cn and cp that the goverment of Canada past a bill that the
railroads had to move so much grain products a year. So to stay within
the goverment law the rr where forced to hire more people. And start
replacing equipment that was sold off. But this did not happen until Hh
left. So five years from the times Hh took over at cn cp. now they are
force to replace everything. Hh and Foote have only been at CSX for two
years. So this tells me that replacing people and reopening hump yards.
Is the Hh plan has failed. They cannot do at CSX what they did in
Canada. And I think the board of directs have thrown in the towel on
the Hh method of turning CSX around. So there big plan was just a bunch
of BS to attract share holders money. They cannot do at CSX with the
stock what they did with canadien rr.

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Name: hiring conductors
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 1-10 years
Posted: 03 July 2018

i dont know if anyone else has seen.. but they are actually hiring
conductors in places on the system... never thought id see that for a
good while at least... baltimore, new orleans, indy, 1 or 2 other

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Name: Bullits
Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 02 July 2018

Only read bullitin sand any other CSX information on pay, do not read
anything unless you are getting paid to do so!

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Name: WTF
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 01 July 2018


259 pages in the new HQ system notices and it's the worst mess I have
ever seen. Put all important messages scattered through the transfer
request forms.  You got to read every single page to find them. Why the
hell they didn't put all the transfer request together by themselves is
beyond me.  They know people will miss something doing it this way.  Are
they just plain retarded down there or is it the heat. Surely this
wasn't on purpose to help reduce the work force when they miss
something.  My god!  What's happening to this company!

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Name: YM
Employed as: Yard Master, for 10-20 years
Posted: 30 June 2018


I was told I had to fill out the Dekra survey.  I don't see how the
company can force anyone to fill it out when they are union contract
employees.  I happen to be one of the yardmasters who knows that I am
not first line management. I am well aware that I am first line TO BE
management. Our union should be telling CSX we cant be forced to fill
it out.

I read the thing of course and I can tell you it is about 5 questions
written 95 different ways. 

1. Do you trust and do your supervisors listen to your concerns for
work and for safety issues? 
HA!  Only if it doesn't require them to do something extra!

2. Do you feel your co workers work together safely and basically as a
team when on a job together?
They are all concerned about their own safety and some do care about
others but many are so scared for their jobs and retaliation that it
has become the norm for workers to only look out for themselves! Don't
get involved and keep your mouth shut. 

3. Do you feel you can come to someone in the company and feel
confident in talking to them about safety concerns?
As long as it is someone you have worked with directly for some time
and know them well enough that you can talk off the record and not be
scared they will gossip or put a red flag out on you to watch you!

4. Do you feel the company appreciates you and awards you for a job
well done and safely?  Most did until they took away the thanks awards,
the boots, the gift cards, employee of the month awards. What do they do
to show appreciation right now?  Absolutely nothing! 

5. Do you feel that your supervisors know their jobs and know how to
manage people.  Most have an idea of what is expected but don't have
the time to listen to all the gripes and concerns the employees have of
constantly having to fix issues created by payroll, crew management, the
chief, and the work order department. They want to hide and spend most
of their time trying to make Jacksonville happy with crunching the
numbers they need to make the stock holders happy.

The questionnaire as one posted stated is not going to change a thing
or tell Dekra anything. They should already know the atmosphere out
here.  Foote already knows the atmosphere out here.
One question I really got a big laugh out was the one asking if any co
workers do task outside of what is normally expected or basically go
the extra mile.  
I will assume everyone who does the survey will say no. Since there is
no comment section for each question I guess Dekra wont know its
because of all the tickets that aren't given for the extra jobs and
all the pay that is denied or promised by management and then never
received.  Dekra needs to take count of how many people were promised
and extra ticket just to be lied to and never given it even when the
union agreements state they are clearly entitled to it.

I suggest everyone gets one of these surveys and fills it out. They
already know what they are in for but lets all put in on paper!

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Name: Cond.
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 29 June 2018


just read your survey from Dekra.  95 repetitive questions all asking
the same questions just in a different format. Your typical psycho trip
up questions. Just testing to see if you keep an accurate pattern of
opinions. This questionaire is similar to one we had 15 years ago when
another group came in and ran their "test".  Guess what happened.
NOTHING! We work just as safe as we always have. People aren't dying.
People aren't getting injured. There is no damn safety problem with
crews. However Supervisors are still doing what they always do. Rush
employees. Still get smart mouthed when challenged.  Still order
corners cut. The only so called safety issue they care about is damage
to equipment. NOT PEOPLE! Show us a list of injured employees across
the system. It's equipment your worried about. Work safely so
equipment is not damaged. Cut cost! This questionaire won't solve a
thing. Won't stop equipment from falling apart. Won't fix it. Won't
stop inspectors from turning their heads. employees are tired. That's
when things get missed. Equipment is getting hurt. NOT PEOPLE. THE
QUESTIONAIRE  IS A JOKE. No one comes to work to get hurt and it isnt
happening. It's all about blamming the employees for equipment
failures. Not a damn thing to do with real safety of the employee. Stop
breathing down the TM's necks to get unrealistic departure times. Your
the root cause for rushing and cutting corners. Your the reason for
cutting corners and not doing proper inspections. Your the reason work
orders have been screwed up for 20 years. Your the one who is solely
responsible for the internal disruption in operations. You don't proof
read or research anything properly before you issue orders. Your bandaid
approach has never worked. Your rule with fear and intimmidation hasn't
changed a thing in 20 years. Wake the hell up!  It's not working. We
are all just waiting for the day when the field supervisors finally
grow a pair of balls and tell you to stick it up your pompas butts and
come do it yourself if you think you can! 

Oh ...and if you haven't figured it out yet you can't run a scheduled
train on time if you don't have a frickin locomotive avaiable to run
it. Jeeeze!

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