Courtesy and Professional CSX Style

You'll do what yer told, you little &%#$@!!!

    CSX likes to picture itself as a company where all of it's employees, customers, and contractors are treated with the highest levels of courtesy, professionalism, and respect. The employees, customers, and contractors know differently....

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Name: SquareDonuts2
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 04 December 2018

Lol you dumb fucks in terreHaute think you can stop trains to get
donuts.   This dumbass comes on here running his dick holster about cd
guys.    Terre Haute has walkway had dipshit employees. Now you have a
real pos calling the shots up there.

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Name: Fukcsx
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for 10-20 years
Posted: 04 December 2018

 is right you guys to need to lawyer up, because when i got hurt and
got put on the shelf those assholes didnt want to pay for shit. So i
sued there asses. I got 50 grand out of the law suit and i am now a
manager. so fuck em and if you have to hit em where it hurts in the
piggy bank and you will get somewhere.

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Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 04 December 2018

Recent incidents/developments involving CSX Transportation that have
occurred in the region 

• May 19: Company officials announce changes in the process of
assembling trains, forcing closure of the Cumberland hump yard.
Affected employees are reassigned to other positions, officials say.

• May 22: Officials lay off 45 employees working at the Cumberland rail
yard. Those jobs included sheet metal workers, electricians, machinists
and utility workers.

• May 24: Two flatbed railcars jump the tracks along Canal Parkway in
Cumberland. There are no injuries.

• June 27: Two CSX conductors based out of the Cumberland rail yard are
struck and killed by a passing Amtrak train near Union Station in

• July 11: CSX train hits, kills 23-year-old Cumberland man in West
Side of the city.

• July 20: Seven freight cars derail near Confluence in Somerset
County, Pennsylvania. No reported injuries or environmental impact.

• Aug. 2: Thirty-two railcars derail in Hyndman, Pennsylvania. At least
two structures are destroyed and most of the town’s 1,000 residents
evacuated for several days. No injuries reported.

• Aug. 3: A CSX train hauling coal strikes a tractor-trailer at a
crossing near Deer Park, Marland. There are no injuries.

Saftey First Boys

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Name: Square Donut
Employed as: CSX Customer, for N/A
Posted: 03 December 2018

Terre haute is where they stopped the whole damn train for

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Name: Me
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 03 December 2018

Engineer accuses CSX Transportation of defamation of character
By Bree Gonzales | Jul 13, 2018

Remember Boys and Girls, our weak ass Unions aren't out only recourse
against these bastards.  Hit em where it hurts, Lawyer up.

CHICAGO — A locomotive engineer is suing CSX Transport Inc and James
Spencer, citing alleged defamation of character.

Abel Vasquez filed a complaint June 26 in Cook County Circuit Court,
alleging the defendants published defamatory statements against Vasquez
that claimed he used a CSX computer for a personal matter and that he
was insubordinate.

According to the complaint, the statements published on Nov. 6, 2017
allegedly hurt Vasquez's good name, standing in the community and
professional reputation. Vasquez claims CSX Transport and Spencer knew
the statements were false and made them to hurt Vasquez.

The plaintiff requests a trial by jury and seeks a sum in excess of
$50,000, including exemplary damages plus the costs of the lawsuit. He
is represented by George Brugess of Cogan & Power PC in Chicago.

Cook County Circuit Court case number 2018-L-006628

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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 02 December 2018

First I heard about the one man Crew in terreHaute.   I bet that washout
cocksucker is behind that too.

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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 02 December 2018

hey CE&D guy.  If you guys would learn to run trains instead of screwing
around, you may get more work.  So basically, you screwed yourself.

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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 02 December 2018

Cd getting screwed.    Thanks to our gnome LC and that washout
cocksucker in THaute.  Theres more fucking trains getting Called  on
the  THaute pool than out of Eville or Danville. Yeah yeah I know they
can fucking do that.

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Name: Curious
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 02 December 2018


have any of you had a TM order you to call crew management and tell
them to set your time back if you marked off after 12 hrs.  I heard a
crew talking about it the other day. Said they marked off 10 minutes
after 12 hours and outlawed and the TM told them they had to call and
get their time set back. Guessing he was afraid of getting in trouble
for the crew working over 12 hours.  If you have already marked off how
in the hell could they even do that? You should already have a quick tie
filled out. The engineer should already have his HOS done. Could they
make you do it before you tie everything up and that would change the
tickets before you fill them out?

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Name: Fargo
Employed as: Car repair, for 20-30 years
Posted: 01 December 2018

Its like my Daddy always told me : He would rather have a sister in a
whore house than a brother in Production..!! Slow down follow rules to
a T...and let the damn ass kissing company spies pick up the slack...
and for the love of GOD and Country...dont let your dingle dong dangle
in the dirt it might get stepped on it might get hurt.

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Name: Ha!
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 20-30 years
Posted: 01 December 2018


Keep up the good info.  BR. NOSE company mole is trying to distract
again.  someone down south ain't happy. Or could be a supervisor
who's afraid names will start showing up!!!!

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Name: Laughing
Employed as: Train Master/ supervisor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 01 December 2018

So Trainmaster David Benson got kicked to the curb. Back to running a
engine. Why did it take so long to fire that fat motherfucker? That
stupid son of a bitch should have been fired years ago. I would have
loved to seen that. That dumb bastard is a waste of breath. A real
loser. Fuck you Benson. Ex-cocker TM... Bitch ....

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Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 01 December 2018

Latest Rumor is that csx is moving out of Seagirt in Baltimore. moving
somewhere in Va
Anyone else hear about this?

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Name: B.R, Nose
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 01 December 2018

hey claire,
     your old man is a brownosing kool aid drinking cocksucker. he
sucks every dick on csx teritory to "get ahead". give us a break.
real company man and suck up. how DARE you correct US, we'll bitch all
we want. suck it up and get over it. bet you got guys or gals keeping
your bed warm when your old man is not at home on a run.

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Name: Ntsb
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for 30+ years
Posted: 01 December 2018

Old Head : watch and see... "Gov" of today  and tomorrow wants
communism.... the mergers will happen friend.

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Name: New guy
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 01 December 2018


What's your point. Just what are you or any of us going to do about
it? Nothing!  So go to work, save your money and don't be stupid and
buy junk you can't afford. If it ever happens in our career time we
can deal with the changes when it does. Just save enough money to
relocate if you have to or want to. You'll do as your told and adapt
or move on.  Everybody gets so caught up in this stupid gossip and crap
they run around work freaking out over crap they got no control over.
Just more stupid junk to blah blah about. Deal with it when it happens
if ever.  Deal with the here and NOW!

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Name: Old Head
Employed as: Corporate office, for 30+ years
Posted: 01 December 2018

No mergers government will not allow it anytime soon.

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Employed as: Corporate office, for 30+ years
Posted: 01 December 2018

Union Pacific.. Canadian Pacific "PSR"..and CSX "PSR" will merge.
Norfolk Southern..BNSF..and Canadian National "PSR" will merge..
Kansas City Southern below the border will stay as is.. Kansas city
southern above border will be merged by.. swallowed up by 1 of the 2
Big guys created mentioned above...

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 30 November 2018

ive Brief:

CSX CEO Jim Foote said he would not rule out a merger with another
Class I railroad.
The comments, made at Credit Suisse's 6th Annual Industrials
Conference, followed a question by analyst Allison Landry on whether
the company would consider joining up with Union Pacific or Norfolk
Southern to help the two railroads implement precision scheduled
railroading (PSR). 
"I am of the camp we'd have to weigh the two and see if there was
true value that came out at the end of the day," Foote said. "To do
that you need two willing partners to dance."

Dive Insight:

When Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern announced they would implement
"principles" of the PSR model, one question loomed large: Who would
lead the charge?

In the past, every railroad that implemented PSR did so under the
leadership of the late Hunter Harrison, who brought the model to
Illinois Central, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific and most recently
CSX. But it was a merger that first brought PSR to the big leagues:
Canadian National bought Illinois Central, and Hunter Harrison, to help
replicate the small railroad's success at Class I railroading scale.

A new merger is not inconceivable as the remaining Class I railroads
look to adopt the model.

"I have been in the business a long time and I think there were 50
Class I's when I started," Foote said. He added the wave of mergers
that led the industry to have just seven Class I's have improved
service, freight networks and efficiency. "And one could make the
argument that another consolidation would prove beneficial from a
pragmatic standpoint."

One of the biggest benefits to a merger, Landry suggested before asking
CSX the merger question, would be securing talent from competitors.

Landry noted there are a limited number of individuals in the industry
with significant experience with PSR. Union Pacific and Norfolk
Southern may need to find a way to acquire these to succeed, which a
merger could provide.

But in its most recent earnings call, Union Pacific suggested it was
not concerned about the talent question. 

"When you think about the expertise that we have in-house on PSR, we
do have employees, some at high levels like a Cindy Sanborn who is now
going to be running the entire northern region of the network, along
with others, particularly in the operating team and also in the network
planning and optimization team who have experience and in some cases
deep experience in PSR," said Union Pacific CEO Lance Fritz.

Cindy Sanborn, now a regional vice president at Union Pacific, was the
COO of CSX when Harrison first joined the railroad. In October 2017,
she was replaced as COO by Foote, who would later rise to the role of
CEO at CSX. 

Union Pacific has stated it expects to achieve $500 million in
productivity from its transition to PSR. Norfolk Southern said it would
roll out its transition plan on Feb. 11, 2019.

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 30 November 2018

Read the end of the transcripts from the credit Susisie industrials
conference,    It’s at the end of the transcript when he was questioned
about it.

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