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Posted: 13 February 2018

I was parked in the truck waiting for new conductor to back his train
into the track. He told the hogger to back up. And the hogger give the
throttle shit. The new conductor had his hoody up and walking facing
the movement. With cars coming up behind him I could see he was walking
to close to the track. I honked the horn. Got out of the truck screaming
at him waving my arms. He just looked down at the ground. When the box
car made contact with the left side of his body it threw him like a rag
doll away from the track. The hogger stopped must of figured something
was wrong and stopped. I got to the conductor he was laying on down he
ground out cold. Called ambulance he was busted up pretty good. He just
did not use common sense. He never worked again.

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