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Name: female
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 13 February 2018


When I was hired and went to conductor school we had real old heads as
instructors. And I mean OLD! Instead of retiring they wanted to teach.
They wheeled a cart with a knuckle on it in front of the class. They
had everyone walk up to the front of the room and lift the knuckle one
foot off of the cart. They said that was all they need to see. Quoted
the CSX rule that no one was to use brute force on anything and if
something was to heavy or something wasn't able to be fixed with
reasonable force that we were supposed to request help. They showed us
how to put a knuckle in but not a single one of us actually did it. We
heard rumors later that the company was afraid if any of us got hurt
while in school there would be a law suit. We all guessed that's why
it went down the way it did. Yes, not all women are capable of lifting
heavy knuckles, but not all 300 overweight guys are capable of riding
the side of a car for 5 miles if need be. I have changed knuckles and
used sledge hammers to get the job done. Your right. Not everyone is a
good fit for the job, but then if they aren't why does the company
pass them and send them to the field? How many time have you worked
with someone and asked yourself... how did this guy every pass the
school?  Government grants?

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