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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 09 September 2020


Bunch of corona phobia pussies on here.

Meanwhile back at the ranch
2 new sheriff in town at Avon. One rumored as fair and other as a snake
in the grass. And this came from their fellow subordinates.
2 new sherriff rolling into Roselake. Not much known on them.
Contract still getting raped.
Filling the seats at the REDI center. 30+ new stooges getting prepped
Talks on hourly rates still on the table.
CN still bringing in their buddies. We're out CSX CRONIES before it's
One man crews still up their sleeve.
Failures low for now. Once the court's are up in full force and law
suits get rolling, they will be back. Still postponing investigations.
Give them time. Maybe they will realise it's saving them money!
Trains are backed up and the plan ain't working right now. Looks like
the "BOY" needs to go back to the drawing table! 
CSX still sucks and the circus is right on schedule. Keep em on the
rails! Oh...don't forget to fill out those smart union electronic
failure reports!

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