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Name: Company stock
Employed as: Car repair, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 10 July 2018

When Hh took over cp rail stock was about 79 bucks a share when he left
stock was 247 a share. Yesterday it hit 249.  We went threw hell
working with Hh as ceo. My point being if your an employee at CSX hang
on there will be move cuts and BS to come. To the share holders Hh was
a hero. To employees he was Satan,as long as CSX stock keeps going up.
There will be more of the same business tactic till the stock has
peaked in the minds of board of director and ceo they are doing the
right thing. No one is going to interfere, with CSX not the goverment
etc. Put in your time get your pay donít expect much more. Thatís the
way it was at cn and cp. the only choice you have is pack it in if
stress gets to be to much.

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