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Name: RRJim
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 07 December 2017


Government doesn't count gas price increases into inflation. There's
quite a few things left out intentionally. You're absolutely correct
getting any increase it's taken away by healthcare costs, Medicare
premium increases, Medicare supplement increases, drug prescription
cost, or a few extra dollars kicks it into a higher tax bracket etc....
I've been retired nearly 7 years and have yet to have an actual
increase other than on paper. All I can say is we are lucky to have our
retirement system. It's a livable retirement. It's important to keep
the government out of it. Paul Ryan has tried for years to get his
hands on it in his tax bill proposals. He wants to cut us back to
Social Security levels with the tier that is a SS equivalent. That
would reduce it by $400-$600+ a month it would be higher with the
spousal stipend. RRB doesn't cost taxpayers one dime, it's totally
funded by us & the railroads. Railroads don't want to lose it seeing
management & non-union employees are also under RRB. That's why in the
past they have fought against government interference along with the

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