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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 14 August 2019

Conductor 30

I don't see a post on here about the railway labor act. Who said
anything about the railway labor act.  Quit your damn deflecting

So keep up the info on the train wreck. Is it a fact the engineer was
on the motor by himself an ran by the conductor? Was the ptc off
because of another malfunction of the program?

I got a question to all engineers across the system. How many of you
have had bleed over of info on your system from another engines info. 
We have been getting messages of violations from other units on our
motors. Its been happening a lot and when it does you cant do a thing
until you clear it out. How in the hell does another trains violations
show up on another train. This is crazy crap. God knows what the hell
else it can screw up!

Don't forget brothers that you can sue your unions. It your right by
federal law. You might be discouraged from doing it but you can and
with enough members coming forward and filing complaints against them
for not representing you to the best of their ability you can bet they
wont like the attention. Look up the LMRDA and you'll see they have a
time frame in which they are supposed to handle all claims. After that
time you can get your own damn lawyer. It has nothing to do with the
railway labor act.

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