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Name: Let me know
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 10 March 2018

Is anyone seeing different trains on your sub that weren't there
before? Seeing other ones disappear? Part of the short turnaround plan
hh was talking about required an equal amount of trains going each
direction. I think that's being experimented with right now. They need
a big cut like hotel stays being gone to make numbers look good for the
next quarter. We have new trains here, and some existing ones that went
to Willard, are now going towards Columbus with Willard freight?? Other
train symbols have disappeared again, and somereturned. Some days
trains are called equally spaced for the whole day. For this to work,
you might see some trains with 30 cars and others with 180. Let us know
if you see anything like this

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