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Name: Cn
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Posted: 10 March 2018

I loved it when I read the article of a majority of layed off cn
conductors. Turned down a recall. So now they are hiring like crazy,
and out of all the ones they train will pack it in with in the first
year. I witnessed that at cp. It is sending the railways a message,
some of the new people said when they hired on under Hh. Itís seems
they want to fire me and I donít really have my foot in the door. So
many where called for work a resigned right on the phone. With trump
getting jobs back in the USA and economy looking up. I think other than
the money railroad jobs will not look so attractive. Social media
changes every thing,young people know how to find information now on
anything. Maybe in future railways will treat employees as an asset
like they did years ago .

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