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Name: ape
Employed as: APE, for 30+ years
Posted: 13 February 2020


How about you tell those guessing clowns that figure the law of
averages to stick it up their uncaring know it all!
Mother nature is unpredictable and the climate is ever changing. They
can pretend to know it all with their little facts and figures but they
are doing nothing but gambling with the life of ever railroader out
there. this is no better than manslaughter. How many industries have
you seen taken to the mat and having to dish out millions in law suits
after they were exposed for knowing their products or services were
dangerous to the employees or the public. And this is after innocent
people have died! The railroads are no different. As a stockholder in
this company I will loudly voice my opinion that the almighty dollar
and stock price does not ride priority over the safety of the workers
or the public.

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