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Name: Brakeman
Employed as: Brakeman, for 30+ years
Posted: 16 April 2018


Looks like you don't like having the truth put out there. CSX company
sucks. Probably had injuries but were scared little punks who wouldn't
turn them in for fear of being head hunted. Don't deny it happens.
Comments from young pup conductors dogging the hoggers are posers too.
Climate controlled cabs.LOL LOL! Like they all work! Laughed my ass off
when engineer cub got tossed out of the seat on bad rail and busted his
ass. Back sore for a week. Told him welcome to the club after he
cleaned his lunch up off the floor!  Can't wait till you snot nosed
conductors get sent to school and have to be real hoggers all the time.
Not little fly night pups practicing. You'll learn. You ain't as tough
and fit as you think! Can't wait till you get your back screwed up from
lateral motion! Engine seat aint no barco lounger. Then you would know
that if you weren't a bunch of trolls!

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