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Name: hogger
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 10 November 2017


The HH regime doesn't give a rats ass about safety of any crew member.
All he cares about is padding the stock holders pockets with money and
is own damn over seas accounts.  The FRA has an fatigue department and
have done studies for years on the stress the railroad creates on the
crews. It took rear end collisions and derailments of dangerous
hazardous materials and evacuations of towns before they finally got
the good sense to give the crews more hours of rest. At one time they
stepped in and put a stop to CSX making every new engineer fresh out of
school qualify on every inch of rail that was in their division. There
was just too damn much and NO ONE was getting properly qualified.
People took the best notes they could and prayed they were paired up
with someone who knew what they were doing. Then out of the blue the
FRA allowed it to start happening again. Some terminals have as much as
800 miles of rail to learn along with local and road switching jobs and
yard jobs as well. All one big board does is reduce the need for
manpower but puts double the stress on the crews that are left. One big
board is a sentence to hell and HH knows it. One day your on the road
and gone for 2 days, get home work a yard job, next day a local, then
the road east, then the road west and on and on.  Its the worst quality
of life ever. No one can plan a damn thing because they never know where
the hell they are going to be day by day.  I cant understand for the
life of me why in the hell our unions aren't standing up and saying
enough is enough. This isn't a slave plantation out here. We don't
use workers like mule horses and then harass and intimidate the hell
out of them. Its like they want us to crack. THey want us to buckle
under the pressure. No one but a railroad family understand what we
have to deal with. The public is clueless. I don't know about you but
I think its about time we started looking at other options on who is
representing us at the table. Our seniority is getting slowly ripped
out from under us too. What the hell is happening.

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