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Name: Engineer
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 16 April 2018


What the hell is up with this PTC crap where a crew got charged for not
going one train length at 10 mph after They went into suppression. They
said PTC reports it as if it in emergency because it took control of
the train. I've had it set me up several times for no reason. Each
time it says to recover by putting it in suppression. NOT EMERGENCY!
Dispatch reminded me to follow the emergency rule. I told him I was a
key train and if I had to follow emergency rule the we should be
following the rule for a,key train in emergency. Told him we would
start walking it. He said that wasn't necessary. So what is it. We
putting 2 different rules together now? What's up with this crap. I
had someone tell me if you know it's going to set you up just go ahead
and put in suppression when it happens and the erad won't ding it as an
emergency. Is this right? Anyone else dealing with this trash out here?
Sounds like they have a communications problem with the system. How can
they charge anyone with a train in emergency rule violation when it
clearly instructs you to recover it using suppression?

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