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Name: FRA is paid by csx
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 11 February 2019

Ok let's be straight forward FRA is a joke I have been here ten years
and have never been asked a ? About how the company does business by
them never been educated by them bout what's right or wrong I'll do
what they say but have never been face. To face with them , considered
my job is at hand I go by tm and the union telling me different views
but I'm the one fired As Far as safety think about it csx has not
hired only fired and many have quit since new persion RR for the most
part all that's left is the same people only thing that has changed Is
upper and I mean upper mangement not train masters , just like well
Fargo they put un realistic goals on the lower level employees just to
fire them when things go wrong we the boots on the ground are not at
fault for CSX safety people are being killed we as employees that are
left "not many new hires "had the best safty record of the RR the
only thing that changed was the big money people that hide in offices
with big lawyers its unfair they rush rush rush rush and I'm sure they
smile to see this but no money or accountable is put on therm they are
to blam for preying on low level employees and I will keep on till they
hurt like we hurt ,, safty it's not the boots on the ground and TM
it's the unrealistic goals the corporation hedge fudge people have to
be savage against one another HOLD FOTTIE accountable the yard I work
in is rush rush rush write you up for dumb shit safty glasses is a
major that's not safty it intiimdation,,

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