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Name: WTF!!!!!!
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 10 January 2019


I got a question for you.  I heard an engineer say he was forced to
take his first DP train. Didn't know a thing about it. Never read a
thing and was never given a class. They set it up for him while he
watched then handed him a book and told him to read it. Said it wasn't
that difficult and sent him on his way. Didn't know how to unlink it or
any kind of trouble shooting. Had one engineer say the rear unit lost
communication while he was trying to stop and the rear unit kept
shoving him. Thank god he wasn't coming down on a stop signal in an
Now how in the hell can this even be legal. How can you be expected to
run a train with equipment that has had and will continue to have
safety issues without any pre training and no real chance to sit down
and read the entire manual before you are forced to leave with it. What
if the train has Alert cards. Hell how about any hazmat material. You
tell all of us how this can possibly be legal. We all know how it works
out here because you don't pay attention to what is happening. they
expect everyone to ask each other all about this power and take notes
and learn as much as they can from each other instead of spending the
money and taking the time to have training classes on it and go over
every single malfunctions these things can have. Im telling you, if
anyone gets hurt using this including anyone in the public and its
because of a malfunction of the units and the engineer was tossed a
manual and told go there is going to be a serious lawsuit and you
should be named in it as well!

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