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Name: martyr
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 10 August 2017


Sounds like you might have received a few failures from this Joe Berry.
Did you deserve it?  Did you run your mouth to him? Egg him on?

Not defending this Berry character but was it at the time when the Nazi
headhunting was going on in Jacksonville? Was it when every single TM
and RF were told if they didn't get at least 25 failures a month they
could start looking for another job in another craft? You have no idea
how bad the heat was on them to get failure rates so the company could
show the lawyers in court that the employees were being trained to work
safely and if they didn't they were reprimanded. 
We had some real good upstanding TM's and RF's in our area who were
god fearing and well respected and hated dishing out the failures. They
thought is was a crock of shit but had no choice. Several of us took
minor failures for these guys just to give them some relief from the
heat. Sounds crazy? HELL YES IT WAS!  We did it because we didn't give
a rats ass and we knew once we had a failure they would move on and keep
us off the radar. You scratch my back and I'LL scratch yours. The
southern region was the one who started the stalking and reporting crap
on the employees. Once someone got a failure they were put on a list and
a target was put on them. When this employee showed up at another
terminal or crossed a division line the word was out that they were
there and to go out and watch their every move.
This crap finally made its way to the Greatlakes but got blown out of
the water when the plan got exposed. The orders for the hits were still
out there and the orders for failures was still being crammed down the
supervisors throats.
No one knows what's going to happen with the new King of the Railroad
in place or how he's going to take over this process of stalk, harass
and destroy the employees for use in the legal system. Don't be an
idiot and think it will stop. Good chance it wont. So if you ran your
mouth or argued to much or even stood your ground for what you thought
was right be careful if you do it again. It might be a mole brought in
by Harrisons lynch mob and you will be sorry as hell!

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