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Name: engineer
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 1-10 years
Posted: 16 November 2020

conductor and loco

This is old news. They have been doing pickups since day one of the PTC
without true information. There is no way in hell the FRA does not know
about it.  They know how the company is run. They know how a lot of
industries don't weigh their cars. They get put on a scale somewhere
else. Use Avon as an example. They have a hump and scale there that
takes care of it. Hell, they don't even add them to the on board half
the time. They just let the reader scan them on the way in. I often
have wondered how that works down there in Jacksonville when a crew
leaves the industry and doesn't add the cars to the on board before
they leave. If the FRA doesn't know what is going on then maybe that
is the reason why. Hard to trace them out on the main line if they
don't leave a paper or electronic trail on the way to the yard.

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