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Name: cond
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 08 November 2019

work safe

Your a poser and a distractor in the basement Im guessing.  You have
posted this same crap several times over the year. Get a life. Move

Class 1 railroads pushing hard for one man crews.  With their big money
and political influence along with the FRA in their back pockets you can
count on them winning in the long run.  Already talked to an FRA agent
about this.  Told us that it wouldn't be allowed on Key trains with
alert cars, crude oil or military trains with and without nuclear spent
fuels.  Its coming. Its just a matter of time. It will happen, but with
limits.  So conductors who don't carry a license better start looking
for another line of work in the future. This all sucks but life on the
railroad sucks. This might just be a blessing for some.  Get a better
way of life. Spend more time with the family. The money is good out
here, but selling your soul to get it just isn't worth it.  With the
god for saken attendance policy in place, people are going to end up
fired anyway. They don't care one bit about anyone's quality of life.

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