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Name: No Ef's to Give
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 10 February 2021

To the young man inquiring about whether we'd be better off without the
union. May I point you towards China and see how it works out for them
over there. Company stores, company housing and company currency! Now
educate yourself on the history of the labor force and why unions came
about in the first place in the United States. Without them, at least
at CSX, you'd be an indentured servant. Look that up if you must.
Unions did in fact create the middle class. Have they gotten out of
control over the years? Absolutely! If you think a government labor
relations board is going to take care of you? Think again! Bottom line
is that you make good money! Show up for work and do your job and go
home. CSX is only a job and not a career! People say that the UNION
doesn't do anything for them but the UNION is made up of the workers.
YOU are the UNION believe it or not! I depend on the UNION leaders for
one thing and that is negotiating   my wages! Any other problem I take
care of myself. Remember History repeats itself!

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