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Name: RRJim
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 04 November 2019

X Futurama Railroader

I was on the railroad when Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers.
The main issue was fatigue & manpower shortages. Reagan didn't give
them a timeline to return to work. ATC's are under the Railway Labor
Act which means striking is not allowed. They had enough. They were
right. Reagan fired them on what he called a wildcat strike. Pretty
funny seeing Reagan had been a union president of the Screen Actors
Guild during the '60s. What we have today is all because of Reagan and
his Trickle Down policy. Make corporations & the wealthy richer hell
with the workers. After he fired them that all happened. Railroaders
became a pawn seeing we too are under the RLA. People might bitch &
complain over rail unions but they've managed to keep the retirement
in place along with affordable healthcare for the employee & their
families. Plus a chance at a decent living. We lost a lot the past 30
years, I won't disagree. It all started with Reagan.

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