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Name: Deflecting nothing
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Posted: 06 December 2018

When us rr went out on strike to get a fair deal, the farmers screamed
bloody murder. They feel they are the only ones that deserve a pay
check. As far as knuckles go if the company policy says no use of your
personal phones to take a picture go with that policy. If the company
wants pictures they can provide a camera to all crews. Or get the
mileage point and go see for themselves. Go with the company policy,
not some A hole that wants you to break the rules, or change the
policy. As a carman for 35 years there are many many more knuckles yet
to break. And if it is an F knuckle on tank cars you better have hammer
and punch to get the split key out of knuckle pin or set the car off. 
It is not much fun to change knuckles out in the middle of no where.
Been there done that many times!!!

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