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Name: Dumbfounded
Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 05 December 2017


Do you morons not understand that the FRA can fine you for violating
FRA LAWS/REGULATIONS? Do you never listen to your LC or co workers when
they talk about this. Some stupid idiot is at this moment running a
train on a territory they are not qualufied on because the conductor is
and volunteered to be the pilot after the company asked them too. What
part of the FRA law do you not understand that states THE PILOT CAN NOT
BE A MEMBER OF THE CREW! It's written in black and white. Do you not
understand the FRA is part of the USDOT! Do you make it an everyday
thing to violate regulations established by a federal agency? Why are
you idiots putting your jobs on the line for the RR! You are so scared
of losing your job if you stand up to them but yet you risk having a
federal violation charge brought against you.  What the hell is wrong
with you people. Csx has it in writing for everyone to read that they
follow all state and federal laws. Whistleblow! Report the truth. Maybe
if the FRA throws a fine in a crews lap it will wake you up!

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